Learning Together Through Family Hiking

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When it comes to our kids, we want to know that they’re getting the best education possible, while learning everything they can about the world around them. We want them to feel free to explore, touch, see, and experience all that our amazing planet has to offer (and it would be great if it could be mostly free too)!

Fortunately a spectacular classroom exists just beyond our front doors, in the form of the family hike. Hiking as a family enables us to take a front row seat as nature assumes the role of teacher, unfolding in front of us in a million different ways. From kids to adults, even the most savvy hiker will learn something new from observing the insects, animals, tree and plant species, bodies of water, and rock formations seen on most hikes.

As each member of the family takes in nature’s wonders from their own unique perspective, the best education comes from sharing observations, thoughts, and hypotheses with one another. Whether you bring a guide book along to identify what you see, or take pictures or sketches to bring home and look up, you can count on learning something amazing together!

Kids love to learn something new, and the chance to share that new information with mom or dad as it happens is especially exciting. When you encourage the learning process through family hiking, you are enabling your children to learn in a safe, loving environment, while creating a bond that will last for years to come.

Please feel encouraged to sound off in the comments below to share your stories of learning as a family through hiking, or with any questions you have on how to integrate hiking into your family life!