We haven’t always been a family who spends life outside, but in 2015 we made some major lifestyle changes and have since committed ourselves to raising our children in a way that would leave them with plenty of memories of beautiful experiences.

I (Nick) was born and raised in TX, and when I was about 23 years I moved to Florida with nothing more than an army bag of clothes and less than $100 to my name. I started from the bottom, and made my way to the top. I met my wife, we had Max, and then (as I like to say) I brought them back to TX with as souvenirs. We then had Parker, and our family of four was complete.

But something was still missing.

We left our families in TX and moved to North Carolina in search of something more — and we found it. Life outdoors. We’ve since hiked hundreds of miles throughout the mountains of North Carolina and are always looking forward to the next adventure. I work from home as a programmer managing a very large site that teaches digital art. We have the freedom to pick up and go wherever we choose, whenever we choose, which has allowed us to see some incredible places.

When we’re not out hiking, we’re staying warm in our cabin at the top of a mountain above the city of Boone, North Carolina.

We’re very fortunate, and we feel truly blessed to be in this position. This has allowed us to spend the extra time to create this site, and to share our travels. From time to time we’ll also share posts on how to ditch that corporate 9-5, and live life as a vacation. After all, there’s more to life than work!

If you’re ever around the Boone, North Carolina area and would like to get together for some hiking, or even just dinner, please message us! We’re always eager to meet new families and to hear your stories.

You can find A Family Outside on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.